Jameson Tasting and Live Irish Music – 114

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The Jameson distillery was yet another tourist trap. The tour was mediocre at best but at least they served us a tasting flight of whiskey and a free mixed drink at the end. Tio did enjoy playing with the barley and the distilling tanks were impressive in their copper luster. I tried to give Tio a taste of Jameson but he said, “I don’t want any Whiksey dada.”

Fam at Jameson Brewery

Barrels at Jameson Brewery

Fam at Jameson Brewery 2

Jameson Bottles

Stills at Jameson Brewery

The weather here is crazy. You don’t just experience four seasons in a day but sometimes in about 10 minutes. It’ll be sunny and warm out, 5 minutes later it’ll be raining, another few minutes and the clouds have cleared but the wind is howling, and just a couple more minutes until the hail and thunder. Literally within 20 minutes. No exaggeration whatsoever. It started hailing out of no where and we ducked under a little overhang where a couple Irishmen were also taking cover. After a couple minutes they had cracked beers and were enjoying their hideaway from the shower. We enjoyed a little taste of the local weather dodging.

Dublin River

We ended today at The Cobblestone. If you want traditional live music this is the place to go. NOT Temple Bar where it’s Irish people covering American Pop and tourists getting hammered at 7pm. Tio slept on B while we enjoyed listening to some ballads in a half empty small bar.

While at the bar I met an Irishman who lived a few doors down from me in Santa Cruz for 3 years. Incredible! He even knew a couple friends of mine. It sure is a small world. He said he moved to Santa Cruz because of a song by “The Thrills.” I had never heard it but here it is:

Tomorrow I get a car from the airport and attempt to drive on the left side of the road. Oh brother…

  1. Baba Lois says:

    Driving on the left isn’t so bad. I only ran into one road sign and hit the curb twice.

  2. Nancy Helstrom says:

    Good luck with the driving! Beware of the roundabouts! They’re killer!

  3. Aunt Barbara says:

    Ditto on the roundabouts. I was fine in London until I got to one of those. Survived, but still traumatized.

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