The End is Near- Last Stop, London

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I still need to write a blog about our last two days in Scotland but tonight I write more about how I am feeling. Tomorrow we make our final journey within Europe. Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday we were scrambling to get all the last minute loose ends tied up before we set sail, so to speak, for Iceland. And here we are…boarding a train to London in the morning. Our final Airbnb. Our final “New city”. I have to be honest, I wish it wasn’t the end. I have grown more than just accustomed to this lifestyle. This is our life now. This is the norm. Of course I am looking forward to seeing my family and eating healthier. But change is now so normal for me that the idea of waking up in the same place every day feels claustrophobic. I have read that many long-term travelers experience some difficulty re-acclimating to “normal” day to day life and have trouble relating to those they left behind during their travels. I feel guilty for not being more excited about our homecoming. I know Austin is eager to get back to his “routine” but I said goodbye not only to our friends and family but also my (now former) job. I come back to the unknown and a need to redefine my worth. I know. It’s all so terribly heavy and “poor Brenda, the world traveler” but what can I say, it’s my experience right now. I promise to write something more inspiring or uplifting once we get to Belize and I have some time to reflect. But for now, I will savor every last bite of this delicious adventure and hope that my appetite for travel will be satisfied, at least for awhile.

Taken right before we left for LAX.

Taken right before we left for LAX.



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  1. Baba Lois says:

    Honest writing, Brenda. Good for you.

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