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Big Ben – One giant clock tower surrounded by a hoard of tourists with every nationality and color represented – everyone falling all over each other taking pictures with selfie sticks. I can’t wait not to be a tourist anymore. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself on this trip it’s that I love to travel but I can’t stand being a tourist.

Big Ben (2)


Our first day in London started off groggy. I worked until late and Brenda is a sometime insomniac. We finally got out of the house a little after 11am and after some bickering and frustration figured out how to use the London public transportation.

Sign in London


We visited Big Ben, Westminster Abbey and Buckingham Palace. It made me realize what an important choice it was to travel in the off season. Everything was packed with frenzied tourists dodging in and out of each other’s pictures. Its telling that I’d rather be in Kosovo in January. I will admit though, Big Ben is iconic and huge…and pretty cool. I suppose that’s why it’s swarmed year round.

Big Ben

Buckingham Palace

Building in London

Brenda and Tio on the Bridge


Tio has become quite the playground connoisseur. He’s probably been to more playgrounds than any other 4-year-old on Earth. He spends about an hour a day climbing, swinging, crawling and sliding. Ahh to be a kid! He still asks whether or not people speak his language. And he’s stoked that they do now. It’s a lot easier to play when you can talk to the other kids.

Tio at the Playground

Tio in the Park in London

Tio in the Park in London 2

Park in London


Brenda and I have mixed feelings about going home. Routine will certainly be nice. But a lack of constant change will be strange. Waking up in a new place has become the norm. I have a feeling we will be planning a new adventure before too long…

Brenda on the Double Decker Bus


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