Prehistoric Adventures in Scotland!

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It has been fun to watch Tio’s interests change over the last ten months. When we left the States back in August 2014 Tio was still very much into trains and Frozen. Around December/January super heroes took the stage and have continued to remain in the forefront of his playing but it seems Dinosaurs have taken center stage as of late. We have visited numerous Natural History Museums across Europe and seen dinosaur bones from T-Rex and Stegosaurus. We took a trip in Portugal to see actual footprints left by these giant creatures. All that was left to see was recreations of actual dinosaurs in their “natural” habitat. After a bit of research, I found Dino Park in Carrutherstown-Dumfries, Scotland.

Let me tell you, we went way out of the way to take Tio to the Dino Park. Four hours on a train and two buses later we arrived at the Hetland Garden Centre, which is where the Dino Park is located. As we walked up, Austin and I looked at each other as if to say “this better be good!” IN order to get to the actual entrance to the Dino Park we had to walk through the garden center and out side doors to what would seem to lead to the outdoor plant area. Once we turned the corner we were greeted by a giant T-Rex head emerging from above the front desk area. The woman that welcomed us was super nice and playful and I began to feel encouraged that this place would be pretty cool.

Sign from the street where our bus dropped us.

Sign from the street where our bus dropped us.



As we emerged from the double doors we entered into a prehistoric paradise for kids! The sounds of the jungle and dinosaur roars were played on speakers strategically placed along a winding trail. Dinosaurs were all along the path, each accompanied by a plaque with information about the species, habitat, etc..





I was impressed to find out that the park was privately owned by the same people that owned the garden center and they created the park for fun and completely self-funded. Knowing this and seeing the care they took in every detail made me want to give them a hug! What a gift to the community!







After going through the mine (we had to wear hard hats) to get through to the other side, we came out just in time for story time! The adorable Danielle read us a book about a Gigantosaurus followed by a story about Dinosaurs and underpants. It was hilarious but I could tell Tio had a hard time understanding with her Scottish accent. I video’d the story but the quality is not so great.

After story time we headed over to the bounce house and the archeology digging area. They really did an amazing job with this place. Tio loved every bit of it.








We had a lunch in the cafe inside the garden center then played until we had to leave in time to catch our bus that came only every two hours! We ALL enjoyed our time at Dino Park and the staff was beyond amazing. If you ever visit Southern Scotland, please check this place out. Well worth the trek!

Danielle, our story teller.

Danielle, our story teller.




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