All Good Things Must Come to an End.

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It has been three days since we left London, marking the official end of our European Adventure. Knowing we only had 4 days until we headed back towards home made it difficult to stay in the moment and really take in London (at least for me). I had no idea how MASSIVE and crowded London would be! The traffic was close to competing with Istanbul! At least we didn’t have to deal with that here. Our (final) Airbnb was in a cool neighborhood across the Tower Bridge. We could catch a bus not far from the apartment and could walk to most other necessities. Convenience is key when it comes to staying in unfamiliar places. So, even though Austin had to work the first two nights there, we set out to see the touristy stuff the morning after our arrival.

It’s funny going to well know cities. You feel obliged to see iconic landmarks yet hating being “just another tourist”. So we sucked it up, dodging Selfie-sticks again, and went to see Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, Parliament and Buckingham Palace. I felt like an ass having my photograph taken in front of these places but how could I not?? Luckily, the sight seeing expedition did not take long at all and we managed to have enough time to find a playground for Tio in St.James Park.












Both Austin and I knew we did NOT want to have another day like that so we decided to try out an open-air food market just a 5 minute walk from our apartment. Maltby Market is near London Bridge and is heaven to the foodie/hipster crowd. ALL the food looked amazing and it was difficult to choose SO….. we decided to have a Gin Bloody Mary to think it over. OH MY GAAAWWWDDD this was the best Bloody Mary I have ever had. It was just spicy enough with fresh grated horseradish on top. That baby went down a bit too quickly! With a good buzz and our taste buds awakened, we made our choices for lunch. I had Greek Veggie Patties with a salad while Tio had a goat cheese and honey grilled cheese on sourdough bread. Austin went the carnivorous route and found a BBQ place and we were ALL happy with our selections. We ate the meals back our our Gin-joint and I had The Best G&T served with a giant slice of grapefruit. (they named it this for a reason). I guess this was our version of a Sunday brunch. Honestly, I wish we had gone both weekend days as it was just delicious and a nice local experience. We just may have been the only tourists there!

Welcome to Maltby Street Market

Welcome to Maltby Street Market




Tio's Gourmet Grilled Cheese being prepared

Tio’s Gourmet Grilled Cheese being prepared


Greek Veggie Patties and the Best G&T!

Greek Veggie Patties and the Best G&T!

Austin was pleased

Austin was pleased

Don't Forget Dessert!

Don’t Forget Dessert!

Last day in Europe. No pressure there. I had one last touristy request followed by a nice family outing. The first, a trip to Abbey Road and get the obligatory photo. After that we would head to Princess Diana Memorial Playground by Kennsington Palace. But lets talk about the Abbey Road part first.


So, we took the bus all the way to it’s last stop then walked about another 20 minutes until we came to the corner of Abbey Road. Of course, there were already tourists there attempting photos yet trying not to hold up traffic (you don’t want cars in the photo anyway.) It was all about timing, body positioning and location of photographer. Austin stood on the center island and waited for Tio and I to get our turn. I instructed Tio to march with legs and arms straight. He followed directions perfectly and Austin was able to at least get a photo of us crossing the famous zebra stripe. THEN, he asked someone to take one of all three of us. *sigh* This photo, perhaps was not meant to be as cars stopped in the wrong places and random people walked with us. We finally gave up and laughed and I think the pictures have more character this way anyway!

This could be anywhere. HAHA

This could be anywhere. HAHA

Epic Failure

Epic Failure

Then we took another walk to find the park. This was about a 30 minute walk and we were hungry and it was getting windy and cold. By the time we reached the park we could see dark clouds getting dangerously close. But at last we found the playground and Tio was elated. The large pirate ship in the center of the yard was the big hit for most of the kids there. But the place was pretty expansive and Tio seemed to enjoy each new play thing he came across. Sadly, the playtime was cut short as Tio was so caught up in playing that he forgot he needed to go potty and so, his pants, socks and shoes got a rainstorm of a different kind. He was so bummed we had to leave but he cheered up pretty quick once Austin offered him an ice cream instead. Another long walk back to the correct bus stop and we were all POOPED! We ate at home and went to bed early as the next morning we would say farewell to the continent we had called home for the last 9 1/2 months.














I got up early and packed our things with enough time to do a good cleaning of the apartment. I was surprised how calm I was and how OK I felt with finally coming to the end of the journey. Maybe it was because we were about to have 40 hours of travel ahead of us to get to our house in Belize. Maybe I was already feeling excited about the new adventures we would have in our own backyard.

I am now in Belize, working on our house and enjoying the laid back, tropical energy here. What better place to decompress and really think about what we just accomplished. I think I will continue to let these thoughts better form in my mind before I commit them to print. But before I say goodbye to the last official Europe blog, I must say thank you to anyone that tagged along with us on this journey. I felt like I had cheerleaders at home rooting for us. Having someone to tell our tales to helped us to enjoy it all the more.

So that’s that! Stay tuned for the Deep Thoughts blog coming up in a few days!



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