A Belizean Ending – 118

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The last few days we have been concentrated on getting our home in Belize up to speed. It needs to be painted, the wood needs to be restained and protected and our palapa needs some rethatching. I haven’t had much time to reminisce about our trip until yesterday when we went out fishing and snorkeling along the coral reef off the Hopkins coast.

Austin Fishing in Belize

We have become so accustomed to the vagabond lifestyle I am feeling strange about being in one place for more than a week. We wont have something new to discover every day. We have something new to eat every day. And we wont be flying by the seat of our pants every day either. The routine may be nice, but at the same time it may feel suffocating. I think this trip has taught me to roll with the punches. Sometimes you get to travel and sometimes you need to put your head down and work. Being that I am looking at about 60 straight work days when I get home I figure it’s time to put my head down.

Catching fish yesterday with our family friend Horace made me realize that it’s important to take things one day at a time. Tio is taking things one day at a time. He has just started doggy-paddling on his own. And he spotted an awesome Quash outside our kitchen window. He said, “Look! There’s a cat climbing the tree!” He also spotted a crocodile in the Sittee River near our house. The kid’s a regular nature guide.

Quash in Belize

Quash in Belize 2

By the way, Horace and I caught 4 Barracudas. Definitely one of my better days fishing in Belize.

Austin and Horace with a Barracuda

We have talked about our next adventure. Maybe Florida to South America through the Caribbean Islands. Maybe Thailand and Vietnam. Maybe a long, long bike ride.

Until our next adventure, which is sure not to be too long from now.


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