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A Belizean Ending – 118

Posted June 10, 2015  /   By Austin Twohig  /  0 Comments

The last few days we have been concentrated on getting our home in Belize up to speed. It needs to be painted, the wood needs to be restained and protected and our palapa needs some rethatching. I haven’t had much time to reminisce about our trip until yesterday when we went out fishing and snorkeling …

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40 Hours to Sunshine – 117

Posted June 6, 2015  /   By Austin Twohig  /  0 Comments

We started our journey Tuesday morning to head home and eventually onto Belize. Getting through a travel itinerary like this without missing a connection or having something go wrong takes some skill and a bit of luck. First we took a taxi to the London Bridge Rail Station and arrived with ample time before our …

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All Good Things Must Come to an End.

Posted June 5, 2015  /   By Brenda Twohig  /  0 Comments

It has been three days since we left London, marking the official end of our European Adventure. Knowing we only had 4 days until we headed back towards home made it difficult to stay in the moment and really take in London (at least for me). I had no idea how MASSIVE and crowded London …

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Prehistoric Adventures in Scotland!

Posted June 1, 2015  /   By Brenda Twohig  /  0 Comments

It has been fun to watch Tio’s interests change over the last ten months. When we left the States back in August 2014 Tio was still very much into trains and Frozen. Around December/January super heroes took the stage and have continued to remain in the forefront of his playing but it seems Dinosaurs have …

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Big Ben – Tick Tock Tick Tock – 116

Posted May 31, 2015  /   By Austin Twohig  /  0 Comments

  Big Ben – One giant clock tower surrounded by a hoard of tourists with every nationality and color represented – everyone falling all over each other taking pictures with selfie sticks. I can’t wait not to be a tourist anymore. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about myself on this trip it’s that I …

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An Afternoon with Harry Potter

Posted   /   By Brenda Twohig  /  0 Comments

Let me begin by saying, I am by no means, a Potterhead. However, upon learning that J.K. Rowlings was inspired by and wrote much of the Harry Potter books while in Edinburgh, Scotland I felt compelled to take the FREE walking tour while in this beautiful city. Tio and I had recently watched the Philosopher’s …

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The End is Near- Last Stop, London

Posted May 30, 2015  /   By Brenda Twohig  /  1 Comment

I still need to write a blog about our last two days in Scotland but tonight I write more about how I am feeling. Tomorrow we make our final journey within Europe. Can you believe it? It seems like just yesterday we were scrambling to get all the last minute loose ends tied up before …

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Edinburgh and “Our Dynamic Earth” – 115

Posted May 25, 2015  /   By Austin Twohig  /  0 Comments

Today I took advantage of a gym near our apartment that offers a 3 day trial pass. The guy who showed me around seemed a little annoyed since he could tell by my American accent that there was no chance I was joining. Next we set out to a place mostly geared towards kids called, …

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A Mini Escape in the Scottish Highlands

Posted   /   By Brenda Twohig  /  0 Comments

Here we are, at the tail end of this adventure! I have to say, I sure am glad we had a car for most of this trip. The planes, trains and bus travel is tiresome and time consuming! We spent an entire day traveling from Dublin to Inverness. The time in the airport was the …

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Snapshots of Dublin

Posted May 24, 2015  /   By Brenda Twohig  /  2 Comments

Time is whizzing past and before we know it we will be back in sunny California! Hard to believe the 10 months of travel and amazing experiences is almost over. We had a wonderful time in Dublin and found ourselves wanting to EXPERIENCE the place more and write about it less. And so… welcome to …

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