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Welcome to our travel blog! We are the Traveling Twohigs-a family of three traveling through Europe for ten months…with a three year old.

You might ask, “how did you decide to travel for so long?” To be honest, we don’t have a simple answer. We had talked about Europe being our next BIG family vacation and that we wanted to give a good amount of time to fully enjoy ourselves. Next thing you know, we were mapping out a ten month trip through Europe with a goal of visiting EVERY country on the continent. That’s right, almost 50 countries in less than a year. Check out the list at the bottom of the page.

So the next question is usually, “how are you affording it?”. It is a very valid question and one to which there are many answers.
1. We are renting our house to college students for a full school year. We made sure to ask for enough to cover mortgage payment, taxes as well as make a few bucks while we travel.
2. We are leasing cars and driving the entire trip. Eurodrive has been a great find and it makes traveling with a family- with luggage for ten months much more enjoyable.
3. We are using a service called Airbnb for all our lodging. Once again, this provides substantial savings while offering unique experiences one might miss if staying only in touristy hotels.
4. We have a daily budget. For all three of us, including car rental and lodging, our daily budget is $200. Yes, $200. That’s about $67 per day per person. If you don’t already know, my husband Austin is a bit of a numbers guy. If anyone can keep us on budget, he can!

As you read through the various posts you will soon discover that Austin’s posts will be much more detailed and “how to” where mine will be a bit more on the humorous and silly side. Eventually, we hope to post Tio’s video blogs as well.

So please explore the site and enjoy our crazy adventure!
Country List:
1. Iceland
2. Netherlands
3. Denmark
4. Norway
5. Sweden
6. Finland
7. Estonia
8. Latvia
9. Lithuania
10. Belarus
11. Poland
12. Czech Republic
13. Slovakia
14. Slovenia
15. Hungary
16. Germany
17. Ukraine
18. Moldova
19. Romania
20. Serbia
21. Kosovo
22. Croatia
23. Monte Negro
24. Bosnia/Herzegovina
25. Albania
26. Macedonia
27. Bulgaria
28. Turkey
29. Georgia
30. Cyprus
31. Greece
32. Malta
33. Italy
34. Vatican City
35. San Marino
36. Switzerland
37. Liechtenstein
38. Austria
39. Luxembourg
40. Belgium
41. France
42. Monaco
43. Andorra
44. Spain
45. Portugal
46. England
47. Ireland
48. Scotland
49. Wales

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